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Our "coming out" party was today on the Zoom meeting for the House Judiciary hearing on SB6 to ban large capacity magazines. I delivered a statement I wrote opposing it. Some of the new people I've invited to the page might feel differently. That's ok.

Until we grow a little bit as a party, and get some actual registered members rather than just page followers, we haven't adopted any rules governing the party's operations on social media or in real life or a platform for political activism. Personally, I'm a Libertarian and I'm still registered as such, but in the spirit of "foundlings", all will be welcome here so long as you are willing to act and post in good faith and give others the benefit of the doubt that they're doing the same. As the party's founder and the page administrator, until we have more formal rules, I reserve the right to unilaterally yeet anyone who doesn't conform to that standard.

If you don't happen to agree with the stance I laid out on SB6, as I said, that's ok, but I hope you can appreciate that my basis for doing so is not some fetish for big guns. I don't actually own any. I have a young child and a mortgage and it's an expensive hobby I've never focused on getting into. I'm also not relying on an interpretation of a 230 year old document and placing an abstract conception of "rights" above human lives.
Instead, my opposition is based on the concern that laws like these create criminals. Not in the sociological sense that they will drive people to engage in heinous behavior but in the simple legal sense that people who have done no harm to anyone and lived up to this point within the bounds of our already voluminous laws may suddenly find themselves to be in violation of State Law because of an object they own, regardless of how responsible they are in using it. Historically the burdens of such laws fall on individuals and communities who can least afford to defend themselves against overreaching government authority.
I will always have a problem with that. I will want to explore alternative solutions to problems like gun violence and drug use and anything else that don't involve forcing people who aren't hurting anyone to do something they don't want to do. That's a philosophical standard I adhere to and one I hope will remain a characteristic of this party as it develops.
So disagree with me. I'm ok with that. Disagree with each other. That's healthy. Be respectful of each other though and let's learn together how our government works and how to make it work for us. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
I have spoken.
-Will McVay


  1. Vode An. I am a fellow Mandalorian. Please email me in regards to establishing a party in Texas. We are many.

  2. Also, my email is jamescummings2626 @gmail.com

  3. I can't log in via Google, but I wanted to say I enjoyed this read.. I own firearms but I'm not closed minded on the subject. Registered Mandolorian jkappy1212@gmail.com

  4. I live in Delaware. What are the steps to being a registered member?


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